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    美国美敦力Medtronic 3.5亿收购Invatec与其两家关系企业

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    美国美敦力公司(Medtronic, Inc.)  意大利Invatec

    相关信息美国美敦力Medtronic 3.5亿收购Invatec与其两家关系企业

    (MDT) 43.30 : MEdtronic (MDT)宣布签署协议,将收购Invatec与其两家关系企业Fogazzi与Krauth Cardiovascular。Invatec为创新医疗科技开发商,主要治疗心脏疾病;Fogazzi提供聚合物技术给Invatec;Krauth Cardiovascular在德国配销Invatec产品。Medtronic初期支付3.5亿美元,另外根据Invatec财报达成率,最多将另外支付1.5亿美元。








    周围血管产品是美敦力冠状动脉产品市场实力的重要补充。摩根士丹利的分析师David Lewis在1月25日的备忘录?#34892;?#36947;:“目前药物洗脱支架市场正在紧缩,捆绑销售越来越盛行,在这样的情形下很难看清这?#24335;?#26131;的战略意义所在。”












    Boston Scientific公司称其占领了全球50%以?#31995;?#21608;围血管成形术器械市场?#32422;?#32654;国大约60%的周围血管导丝市场。


    在周围血管产品这一尚处于发展阶段的市场中,其他主要竞争者包括ev3、Cook Medical和C.R. Bard。此外,诸如雅培和强生一类的大企业也在展开周围血管疾病领域的临床研发活动(1 'The Gray Sheet' Nov. 5, 2007)。


    其实,美敦力瞄准周围血管产品市场已经有?#27426;?#26102;间了。去年10月,美敦力宣布计划出资开展一项纳入50例患者的临床试验,以评价药物洗脱支架治疗勃起功能障碍的效果,这说明该公司有意在冠状动脉产品之外,进一步多样化发展其支架业务(2 'The Gray Sheet' Oct. 19, 2009)。


    作为这次Invatec收购行动的一部分,美敦力同时还收购了向Invatec提供聚合体技术的Fogazzi公司?#32422;?#36127;责在德国市场销售Invatec产品的Krauth Cardiovascular公司。






    Melody的问世意义重大,因为这是首个经FDA批准的经皮心脏瓣膜置换系统,尽管其目标治疗人群较小。美国每年大约有1,000名患者在既往接受了右心室流出道修补术后治疗失败,这种瓣膜便可作为这类患者下一步心脏?#31508;?#25163;术前的权宜治疗措施(3 'The Gray Sheet' Aug. 31, 2009)。




    This story is translated from “The Gray Sheet” – the leading regulatory and business publication for global medical device executives for more than 30 years. Click here to receive a free issue (English only) of “The Gray Sheet”.


    Copyright 2010 FDC Reports

    Medtronic to Acquire Invatec and Affiliated Companies
    Medtronic Media Contacts:
    Jeff Warren, Investor Relations, 763-505-2696
    Joe McGrath, Public Relations, 707-591-7367

    Medtronic to Acquire Invatec and Affiliated Companies

    Acquisition Will Expand Product Offering and Pipeline for Cardiovascular Interventions


    MINNEAPOLIS – Jan. 25, 2010 – Moving to expand its impact on peripheral vascular disease, Medtronic, Inc. (NYSE: MDT), announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Invatec, a developer of innovative medical technologies for the interventional treatment of cardiovascular disease, and two affiliated companies: Fogazzi, which provides polymer technology to Invatec; and Krauth Cardiovascular, which distributes Invatec products in Germany. The agreement calls for Medtronic to make an initial payment of $350 million to Invatec and additional payments of up to $150 million for Invatec’s achievement of specific milestones.

    Invatec’s array of stents, angioplasty balloons and accessory products complement therapies and products in Medtronic’s CardioVascular business, adding a robust peripheral franchise and pipeline, while enhancing its coronary product offering. Notably, Invatec has brought four drug-eluting balloons to market, covering the coronaries and lower-extremity vessels – the only company worldwide with this distinction. It is a pioneer in the development and commercialization of lesion-specific solutions, including therapies for below-the-knee and carotid artery disease.

    “Medtronic’s acquisition of Invatec will accelerate the growth of our CardioVascular business, adding important new products for the coronary and peripheral vascular markets,” said Scott Ward, senior vice president at Medtronic and president of the CardioVascular business.

    “Invatec brings to Medtronic an established international business with a European center of technology development and manufacturing, as well as a strong history of delivering products and high-value solutions to the interventional market,” said Andrea Venturelli, co-founder, chief executive and technical officer of Invatec. 

    Invatec co-founder Stefan Widensohler, vice president of global sales and marketing, said, “Our integration into Medtronic creates a tremendous opportunity to leverage Medtronic’s global scale and scope across geographies and functions, from R&D to sales and marketing, to advance the interventional treatment of cardiovascular disease.”  

    Cardiovascular interventions represent the world’s largest sector of the medical device market, generating $10 billion annually on a global basis. A significant growth opportunity within this sector is peripheral vascular disease, a large and underserved market currently estimated at $2 billion annually and growing faster than 10 percent per year. Approximately 20 million people in the United States and Western Europe alone suffer from peripheral vascular disease, which causes pain, reduces mobility, inhibits wound healing and leads to approximately 250,000 amputations per year. Together, Medtronic and Invatec will be better positioned to address these and other unmet clinical needs in the treatment of cardiovascular disease, the world’s leading cause of death.

    About Invatec
    Invatec (www.invatec.com) is an innovator in the development and commercialization of interventional coronary and peripheral products, with global headquarters in Europe. Driven by research and technology, Invatec actively collaborates with physicians and centers of excellence to develop products that will improve life expectancy and quality of life for patients. The company’s core competencies include polymer processing, metallurgy, surface treatments and drug coatings. Invatec is vertically integrated with full in-house capabilities to design, develop, manufacture and assemble its 35 product families currently offered in more than 70 countries. Dedicated to “making ideas come alive,” the company was founded in 1996 by Andrea Venturelli and Stefan Widensohler, and employs approximately 900 people, predominantly in Brescia, Italy, and Frauenfeld, Switzerland.

    About Medtronic
    Medtronic, Inc. (www.medtronic.com), headquartered in Minneapolis, is a global leader in medical technology – alleviating pain, restoring health, and extending life for millions of people around the world. The CardioVascular business is committed to advancing the treatment of coronary, peripheral, aortic and structural heart disease through collaboration with leading clinicians, researchers and scientists worldwide.

    Any forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties such as those described in Medtronic’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended April 24, 2009. Actual results may differ materially from anticipated results.

    意大利Invatec  www.invatec.com  www.invatec-china.cn

    Invatec成立于1996年,来?#20174;贔OGAZZI。Luigi Venturelli于1978年创建了FOGAZZI,一个规模虽小但却相当积极而?#19968;鈐镜?#23478;庭经营公司。



    在1989年,随着PTLA laser plaque debulking导管的研发,FOGAZZI公司开始生产医疗器械。迅速扩大生产而成为在介入血管领域著名公司的OEM供应商。在随后几年中,随着OEM供货量?#27426;?#25193;大,产品的设计?#29616;ぃ?#39640;性能和?#23665;?#21463;性,公司决定建立一条相对OEM生产线的独立的私有品牌。



    Invatec 引以为豪的是他们拥有完全独立的经销商体系。

    目前,Invatec 公司已经成为在全世界的血管介入领域中成长最快速的公司之一。除了塑型挤出,热力塑型等领域, 公司的核心力量和技术也包括金属处理例如血管支架和最小介入的射频消融技术。

    INVATEC - Innovative Technologies
    Where we come from ...
    Prior to founding Invatec, two European entrepreneurs, Andrea Venturelli and Stefan Widensohler, had already developed successful medical device businesses on their own.

    The Venturelli family consortium was immersed in technology, deeply involved in research and development projects for medical devices, a natural evolution from the production of precision components for the luxury automotive industry.

    Meanwhile, the German based KRAUTH-group, under the proprietorship of the Widensohler family, had established one of the largest European medical device distribution and service companies, also covering minimally invasive interventional technologies in cardiology and surgery.

    By combining the Venturelli family's proprietary knowledge of the application of polymer and metal technology to medicine with the Widensohler family's knowledge of distribution channels and their established relationships with physicians throughout the world, Invatec was founded in 1996, with a vision to become the world's leading innovator in the production and distribution of catheter-based therapeutic and diagnostic technologies for the treatment of cardiovascular and peripheral vascular disease.

    From our inception ...
    It has been our belief that the most prevalent disease states, and the underlying clinical needs that have yet to be addressed, will require an alignment of ideas between physicians, engineers, and technicians to address these underlying clinical needs with world leading technology that can improve patient outcome and increase overall life expectancy.

    This alignment of ideas needs a communication platform, with people who understand and have the ability to translate ideas into viable treatment concepts, thereby creating new device markets. Invatec has been committed to provide this communication platform through its lesion specific treatment concepts and targeted technology platform, its focused approach on Interventional Cardiology and Peripheral Vascular markets and its entrepreneurial spirit: We make ideas come alive ... and place them in the hands of physicians in the fastest way possible. These core competencies have allowed Invatec to differentiate and position itself worldwide as the preferred partner to an increasing number of innovative physicians.

    Where we are today ...
    Invatec is one of the world's fastest growing companies in the design, development and production of Interventional Cardiology and Peripheral Vascular products. The Invatec family of employees includes more than 1000 people throughout the world with direct Customer-Support Teams in most major markets, including the world's two largest: USA and Japan.

    Where we are going ....
    Invatec's vision remains to become the world's leading innovator in the production and distribution of catheter-based therapeutic and diagnostic technologies for the treatment of cardiovascular and peripheral vascular disease.

    We would like to thank our current customers for supporting our vision and making Invatec what it is today, and we welcome our new customers to take part in our vision and help make Invatec all it can be in the future.

    To all, we promise continued innovation, together in an exciting and focused climate of responsible partnership and friendship.

    (来源: Medtronic )

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